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Barry Stewart is currently playing for the Giessen 46ers in the BBL in Germany. This is his second professional season and second season as well in Germany. He currently is averaging 6.0 points and 2.3 rebounds through the first four games of the season. Thank you Barry for doing the interview and good luck this weekend against Bremerhaven.



 1. You grew up in Shelbyville, Tennessee, what were some of the things to do growing up as a kid there and tell us a little bit about Shelbyville that people don`t know about it?

It`s a small town so there wasn’t much to do but play ball in Shelbyville. The city is famous for being the Walking Horse capital of the world. Basically every year around late August people from all over the US come and show their horses.

2. Did you play any other sports as a youngster and who were some of your role models growing up?

I played baseball when i was young only for a couple years. I enjoyed basketball a lot more. My mom and dad were my role models when i was growing up because i watched them everyday and how hard they worked to get where they are in life.

3. Who were some NBA players that you enjoyed watching when your were younger and who are some of your favorites to watch in todays game?

When I was younger I enjoyed watching Michael Jordan and Penny Hardaway. When I watch the NBA now I like watching Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade.

4. You played your college ball at Mississppi State… what made you choose that school and who else did you have offers from?

I liked the people, the campus and everything about the school. Mississippi State had the best opportunities for me and I am glad that iIchose that university. Some other schools were Alabama, Austin Peay, MTSU, UTC.

5. What are some of your best memories about playing in Starksville?

 Some of the best memories had to be playing in The Hump and having the crowd cheering at home games. Our fans are the best in the SEC.

6. You started off your pro career in Trier last season – what was the biggest difference from the college game and the BBL in Germany?

The biggest difference was the physical part of the game and the speed. In the BBL the guys are stronger than college guys but the college game is a lot more up tempo.

7. Were you satisfied with your first pro season and looking back what were some things you felt like you could improve on and get better at?

Looking back on my first year I wasn’t satisfied with my personal performance because I know iIcan always do better but for a rookie iIdon’t think it was a bad season. I think I can improve on every part of my game. I have a lot to learn and a lot of room to grow.

8. You recently signed with Giessen what has the transistion been like changing teams and being in a new city that your not too famaliar with?

It`s been very different from my first year in Trier so far. The biggest transistion has to be the systems and styles of play. I`ve been learning my way around the city, so far I`ve enjoyed it.

9. What has been the biggest challenge so far in your second season being in Giessen?

One of the biggest challenges has been learning my teammates style of play and how each individual likes to play. Last year I had two months to figure each guys game on the team before the season but this year in Giessen I had two weeks to figure all that out before the first game.

10. What could we find you doing on a day off in Giessen?

Probably go to the mall and go out to eat at a restaurant in town.

11. Bruh I know you got 50 in your ipod all day but who are some other artists that we could find you listening to?

Ha! I`ve been listening to J.Cole and Big K.R.I.T lately so that`s probably who you would hear me playing on my ipod.

12. What are some of your hobbies when your not playing basketball?

When I`m not playing basketball I am usually on the computer trying to stay up to date on everything, reading a book or playing the video game.

13. What do you see yourself doing when your basketball career is finished?

I would like to help younger kids in my community and show them different ways they can be successful by taking something they like to do and working hard at it. It can be sports or whatever they aspire to do.

14. Last but not least, give me a random fact about yourself that someone may not know about you?

Let’s see, I enjoy helping other people do good just as much as I like to do good.

by John Bynum


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