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Quentin Pryor currently plays for Wels in the top league in Austria where he is currently averaging 16 points, 4.2 assist and 2.8 steals through 5 games. Thank you Quentin for doing the interview and good luck tonight for your game against Vienna.



1. You grew up in Mississippi and I‘ve never been to Mississippi so what was it like growing up there and tell us about your hometown?

Growing up in M…ississippi was cool. I grew up in this town called Eupora were everyone knew everybody. It is a big football town so basketball was always in the background which led to me leaving there.

2. What were some of things that put you on to basketball and did you play a lot of other sports as well growing up?

The only thing that got me into basketball was the blood in my veins. My dad was the man around there in his day and my mom played also. It was a must because my mom just kept me around the game all the time. I also played a little baseball and football. I almost gave up basketball for football but I hit my growth spurt.

3. Who were some of your role models growing up and athletes that you followed growing up as well?

Of course I looked at MJ but I also watched Scottie Pippen and Penny Hardaway a lot. I loved the fact that Pip did everything good and not just one thing. Penny was a flat out beast from the moment he hit the league until he started getting injured.

4. What was your road to get to Morehead State University?

Actually I went to 2 JUCOs after high school. The first was Holmes Community College and then I moved to Jackson State Community College. After that I signed with Morehead for the last 3 years.(Sat out the first year due to a broken wrist)

5. What were some of your reasons signing there and what do you miss most about being in college?

My reasons for going there was the coaching staff. Kyle Macy was the head coach there. A lot of people don’t know him but he played at Kentucky and won championships then played in the league for 7 years. Another reason was their loyalty to me. I had broken my wrist during the recruiting period and they were the only school to stick with me regardless of if I could play basketball again. The last reason was they had just had a player picked in the NBA Draft(Ricky Minard) that year and they wanted me to come in and try to fill his shoes. So I wanted that challenge.

6. You started your career in the 2nd Bundesliga for Schalke. How did the job come about and were you expecting to have as much success as you did that first season being overseas?

To this day when I tell people how I got this job they still laugh. I actually was contacted by an agent through Myspace of all places. I thought it was a joke but I responded and in the middle of the summer I had a contract. The success I had there was kind of a shock because I changed my whole game up in the middle of the season. I went from being strictly a shooter to a slasher.

7. The following year you made the jump in the BBL playing for Hagen and had a decent season? What was the biggest change or adjustment for you from the 2nd Bundesliga to the BBL?

Actually we played in the Pro A my first season there in which we moved up to the BBL. My first year in Hagen my stats were basically the same as in Schalke. The first year in the BBL was a little tough because I had surgery on my knee and it took me some time to get back to 100%. The speed and the level of the competition was way different than the Pro A.

8. Your then played a second season for Hagen in which your numbers went up as well. What was the biggest difference from the 1st season to the 2nd season for you individually?

The second season was different because I was in very good health and we had a totally different style of play which put the ball in the guards’ hands. I had the learning experience from the previous season which I learned a lot from

9. You took your game to Austria and are currently playing for Wels, what has been the biggest adjustment so far in switching leagues?

The biggest adjustment so far has been the speed in the games and how the games are called. Its more open and up and down in Germany. In Austria is more of a slower pace and the games are called more closer. You could get away with a few things in Germany but not here!!!

10. In comparison what is the difference from the German League to the Austrian League?

I would say the quality. In Germany any team can beat anybody. In Austria the bottom teams will struggle to get wins. They also don’t have as many import players here. Its only 4 to a team and some teams only have 1.

11. What could we find you doing on an off day in Wels?

My off days are the worst!!! I don’t do much because its not a whole lot to do here. But I normally just spend some quality time with my wife and our kids. And I also get on that PS3.

12. What other hobbies do you have besides playing basketball and what is bumping in your ipod right now on a regular?

I like to travel when I can especially here to see some new and interesting things. Right now my ipod is full of Wale, Drake, and Yo Gotti.

13. What do you see yourself doing after you finish playing ball?

I want to get into either basketball training with college kids or get into coaching on the college level. It just depends on which one I can get in first.

14. Last but not least, who is one guy that you have played in your career overseas that has really stood out in your mind?

That is a tough one because I have went up against some tough guys over here. I can name a few but right now I would say Tyrese Rice. He just made it look so easy. He could get to rack when he wanted and he could hurt you just as easily from the outside.

by John Bynum

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